A piece of DME&JDE SHIELD-FLEX series hoses.
  • Higher Impulse
  • Higher Pressure
  • Better Anti-Ozone
  • Better Anti-Abrasion
  • Import Raw Material
  • Fully Automatic Closed Mixing Center
  • Germany Technology & Equipment
Higher Impulse

SHIELD-FLEX series products have higher impulse times than ISO 6803 standard, in which the EN 856 4SP/4SH products can achieve up to 400,000 cycles.

Several DME&JDE hydraulic hoses are placed in the equipment for impulse test.
Higher Pressure

The burst pressure of SHIELD-FLEX series hoses have been tested for 10% to 30% higher than the standard bursting pressure according to the ISO 1402.

Several DME&JDE hydraulic hoses are placed in the equipment for burst pressure test.
Better Anti-Ozone

All shield-flex series hoses can achieve more than 500 hours ozone resistance which is much longer than the ISO 7326 standard value.

A detail of ozone resistance test equipment.
Better Anti-Abrasion

After testing according to the ISO 6954 standard, the SHIELD-FLEX series hoses have only 0.1 g abrasion, which is much less than the standard 0.5 g.

A piece of DME&JDE shield-flex hoses are tested by abrasion tester.
Import Raw Material

Full line of Shield-flex series rubber hoses adopt LG material which is imported from Korea to guarantee the excellent performance of rubber hoses.

The DME&JDE workers are unload the LG material, which is imported from Korea.
Fully Automatic Closed Mixing Center

We fully improve the mixing center, "Automatic Closed Mixing Center" has been fully launched. Industry authority engineer program, automatic computer control ingredient closed production line and comprehensive control are key points in the production of rubber hose production. It can greatly reduces artificial error defect in the production process and guarantee the precious ingredients and superior speed.

The mixing center of DME&JDE.
Germany Technology & Equipment

In 2019, we have fully upgraded the rubber hose production technology and introduced Germany automatic production equipment. Advanced equipment, stable quality, fully enclosed equipment and fault self-stop system completely eliminate worker misoperation. In addition, the equipment rear feed workshop and the whole thermostatic central air conditioning configuration maintain the stability of the inner tube rubber.

Several Germany equipment in the workshop.
Quality Accreditation
Explore DME&JDE Innovations

DME&JDE innovation aims to supply full line of flexible hoses, connectors and hose assemblies to cover all fluid power applications. We are innovating and developing to supply more products fit for industrial trends and customers needs.

Seven different product series hydraulic hoses are shown.