A piece of DME&JDE DEFT-FLEX series hoses.
  • 0.2–0.22 mm
  • 1/2 Bend Radius
  • For Tight Space
0.2–0.22 mm

DEFT-FLEX can replace the standard 0.275 mm steel wires with 0.2–0.22 mm steel wires with the same strength. This make the structure more flexible.

The background is copper coated steel wires during braided, which shows the steel wire is thinner than standard.
1/2 Bend Radius

The bend radius is just 1/2 of SAE standard, which is more soft and increased flexibility for equipment.

The background is a worker measuring the bend radius, which shows the smaller bending radius.
For Tight Space

DEFT-FLEX series hoses is specially suitable place applications with tight space to guarantee the hose life and efficient fluid transfer.

Several DEFT-FLEX hoses of DME&JDE used on the equipment.
Quality Accreditation
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Seven different product series hydraulic hoses are shown.