A bending hydraulic hoses shows DME&JDE logo and related hose information.


DME&JDE is committed to design, manufacture and support fluid transmission solutions. We insist on application-orientation to solve all problems during transmission. Advanced Production technology, wide ranges of flexible hoses, fluid connectors and rich export and projects experience guarantee our capacity to design right OEM fluid solutions for all transmission difficulty.

DME&JDE continuously expands our product ranges and value-added service and improve technologies and equipment to supply products outperform industry standards and exceed customers' demanding expectations.

  • Headquarters DME&JDE Group
    The logo of DME&JDE Group
  • Fluid Connection Division DME INDUSTRIES CO., LTD Dalian, China
    The logo of DME Industries Co., Ltd.
  • Fluid Hose Division Hengshui JIDIER Special Rubber Hose Co., Ltd. Hengshui, China
    The logo of Hengshui JIDIER Special Rubber Hose Co., Ltd.
  • Fluid OEM Solution Division DME&JDE FLUID CO., LTD. Hengshui, China
    The logo of DME&JDE Fluid Co., Ltd.
Professional Engineers

Professional and senior engineers solve all technical technological difficulties and customers problems

Exclusive Distributor

More than 100 exclusive distributors (including those under negotiation) cover all global markets

Industry Covering

More than 200 kinds of customers cover main host manufacture and maintenance industries

Hoses Monthly Output

Up to 1,000,000 flexible hoses monthly output satisfy large orders and guarantee timely delivery

Fluid Connector Stocks

More than 60,000,000 worth of inventory of fluid connectors support massive storage system

Annual Sales

More than 200,000,000 annual sales evidence corporate strength and establish higher goals

Corporate Milestone
  • 1990's DME established in Dalian, China and manufacture and sale fluid connectors.
  • 2006 DME&JDE gained ISO 9001 Certification issued by UK SGS (UKAS)
  • 2009 JDE established in Hengshui, China and manufacture flexible hoses.
  • 2019 DME&JDE signed the first exclusive agency with Ecuador "Hydraulic Connection Co., Ltd"
  • 2020 DME&JDE obtained IATF 16949: 2016 issued by DEKRA, Germany.
  • 2021 DME&JDE FLUID CO., LTD. established and supply one-stop solution to fluid industries.
Continuous Innovation

DME&JDE is continuously exploring and innovating to supply the right flexible hoses, fluid connectors and OEM solutions for the right place at the right time. We aim to supply right products make all fluid transmission smoothly at any pressure, temperature and complex environments.

Six rubber hoses of DME&JDE flexible hoses innovation.
Quality Promise

Authorized Quality Assurance (QA) and strict corporate Quality Control (QC) system jointly guarantee the optimum quality of flexible hoses, fluid connectors and hose assemblies. Corporate tracing system let us find the problems easily and efficient to solve all customers' compliant. Our aim is zero defects.

A QC worker is testing hydraulic adaptor sizes of DME&JDE.
Several production line of DME&JDE braided hydraulic hoses.

Production Line

Several flexible hoses and fluid connectors of DME&JDE.

Product Ranges

A worker is testing the products of DME&JDE

Quality Control

The warehouse of fluid connectors of DME&JDE.

Package & Warehouse