A piece of DME&JDE EXACT-FLEX series hoses.
  • 42 MPa – Ultra high bursting pressure
  • 1,000,000 Cycles – Ultra high impulse
  • For Construction Machinery
  • For jack equipment
  • Super Custom
42 MPa – Ultra high bursting pressure.

Spiral flexible hoses adopts specially designed reinforcement wires, which the wire diameters are thickened and strength are increased.

The two-layer braided reinforcement hoses of EXACT-FLEX hoses can replace the standard four-layer spiral reinforcement hoses.

SAE R19 hoses can withstand 28 MPa pressure.

4 and 6 layers of spiral reinforcement hoses can withstand 42 MPa pressure.

Hydraulic hoses are installed on the equipment and one of them leakage.
1,000,000 Cycles – Ultra high impulse.

The braided flexible hoses use the specially designed inner rubber materials which have higher strength level than standard inner tube. And the impulse cycles can reach 1,000,000 and under 125 °C temperature.

Several hoses are tested for impulse cycles.
For Construction Machinery.

Pilot hose has lighter weight and more flexible structure and can be used under constant 125 Bar working pressure for construction machinery.

A excavator is working on the construction site.
For jack equipment.

Jack hose can withstand ultra high 700 Bar working pressure, which is specially designed for jack equipment.

Three workers are operating the jack equipment with EXACT-FLEX jack hoses.
Super Custom.

Equipped with "EASY-FIT" non-skive connectors, super 4SP and Super 4SH are designed for harsh environments. They have ultra high pressure and high impulse performance and have smaller bending radius, thinner outer layer.

Three pieces of super custom EXACT_FLEX hoses on dark gray background.
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Seven different product series hydraulic hoses are shown.