MS System

MS System Lets Information Visualization and Traceable

Through our Management System (MS System), we enable each and every our product to have its exclusive digital code and to be printed by using a stable MS system printout device. The code is then labeled on our product or package properly. The MS system can be downloaded to most Internet-connected phones, tablets, and desktops for scanning. You can simply scan the code and learn you required information, including but not limited to:

  • Production Data Digitization. The whole quality control process digitized data of DME&JDE production is recorded in the MS system including SC (Supply Chain), IQC (Incoming Quality Control), IPQC (In Process Quality Control), PQC (Process Quality Control), FQC (Final Quality Control) and OQC (Outgoing Quality Control).
  • Supply Chain Data Digitization. All order information, product information and detailed product data are stored in the MS system to facilitate customers to search the detailed information at the phase of supply chain, such as production schedule, inventory, expiration date and special remarks.
  • Digital Scanning for Sale. All products are scanned by MS system before they are shipped to our agents to check if the goods are consistent with the order through digital retrieval. In this way, all goods delivered to customers are completely in line with the order.
  • Label Scanning for Reduced Downtime. We can achieve site surveying by scanning the code, calling 400-0321-777 or contacting DME&JDE distributors (DME&JDE 24•7) for 24/7 service. The MS system allows customers to feedback important information and enjoy rapid re-order services 24/7 by simply scanning the code.
  • Hose Assembly Integrated Information. The MS system can provide 100% accurate material and manufacturing process of complete sets of hose assemblies. You can review drawings, pictures and test reports. In addition, you can also refer to maintenance and replacement suggestions and plans. We summarize a simplified chart to help you know better about hose assembly.
    The simple chart of hose assembly manufacturer chart.
  • Firm Labeling & Reliable Sources. In the MS system, all labels are accurate and reliable. As they are clear, durable, simple and firmly attached, these labels can withstand extreme weather conditions. The MS system can provide you with a perfect solution.
  • Test Report Online Review (under improvement). We continue to update our system capacity and add the test report download function to the MS system within 2 years. This visibility makes the analysis and review more convenient and can help customers to use our products correctly and quickly.
  • Global Agent Warehouse Quick Management. Through the scanning function of the MS system, we can help our agents to scan products quickly and make rapid and effective warehouse management, allowing our global agents to save more labor and management costs and improving their efficiency.