Hydraulic Adaptors Varies In Sizes, Thread Types & Connection Types

Hydraulic adaptors are fittings with connection threads on two or more sides. Hydraulic adaptor is mainly used for following applications: change thread types to another, Be used at a port connection, simplify orientation and accommodate several lines. DME&JDE offers large range of adaptors, which includes a wide variety of sizes, end styles, thread, and connection types.

Our adaptors cover an extensive range which include: BSP, NPTF&NPSM, JIC, METRIC, ORFS, SAE and JIS.

Hydraulic adaptors are installed in-line for thread connection.
Changing thread type to another.

This is the common use in an in-line connection from a port connection. And it makes hoses more adaptable and with a wider application.

hydraulic adaptors are connected hydraulic hoses onto port.
Using at a port connection

where a straight hose fitting will be connected

  • Eliminates stress on both port and coupling and
  • Looks more streamlined.
Hose bent tube flange adaptors are used in the in-line connection.
Simplifying orientation.

Instead of using two bent tubes, it’s easier to use a bent tube flange adapter. It’s also faster and easier to make and install hose assemblies.

Hose Tee adaptor is connecting two hydraulic hoses and a port.
Accommodating several lines.

A "Tee" or "Cross" adapter is used to accommodate several lines, such as connecting two hose assemblies into a common port.

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