Quality – Bottom Line of Enterprise Pursue

Supply products and services that meet and exceed industry and international standard.

Quality is the foundation to each successful enterprise including DME&JDE.

DME&JDE keeps developing including equipment and technology developing to comply with and exceed international standards and third-party accrediations.

We aim to supply products and services that meet and exceed industry and international standard. These standards include SAE, EN (DIN), ISO, SAE and GB. Besides, our flexible hoses and fluid connectors gained industry certification, including MSHA, IATF, Our Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control System (QC) gain customer confidence and satisfaction.

Quality Assurance (QA)

DME&JDE is specialized in designing and manufacturing flexible hoses and fluid connectors to match each other for greater performance and safety. And our hose assemblies are your OEM fluid solutions to cover almost all the working pressure and extreme working conditions and environments.

Several certificates of DME&JDE
Quality Control (QC)

DME&JDE has completed QC system and obey the PPAP line to guarantee the performance and quality required to meet the demands of industrial applications by safely conveying fluids at any pressure and under extremely harsh environments.

01. Raw Material Control

Raw material will be tested including chemical and physical properties (e.g. material analysis and rubber tensile strength test). Only qualified materials can be transferred into workshop for production.

02. Production Control

Production equipment are through several times updating to guarantee the best performance and the accurate sizes of products.

Workers are skilled and trained before working to guarantee the effective and accurate production.

03. 100% Inspection Control

Production samples and finished products including flexible hoses, fluid connectors and hose assemblies will be test strictly by professional and advanced equipment and guarantee the 100% qualified products for customers applications. Full line of product test can be supplied with test report and all products are 100% traceability.

04. MS System

Each products of DME&JDE uniquely encoded tracking label to supply strong data support, products traceability and order transparency. And it can effectively reducing equipment downtime and avoid of quality problems.

The whole process of products quality control traceability system.