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DME&JDE has the ability to develop a global footprint because we have extensive manufacturing capacities, large and smart stock warehouse and rich and enough technical support.

Our production lines include flexible hoses, fluid connectors and hose assemblies are all advanced and compatible and even exceed international main standards. Our technology and equipment are continuously innovating and we aim to develop more products to meet our distributor needs and satisfy the customers' need further.

DME&JDE not only supply supplies qualified products, but also provides marketing, customer care, total publicity planning, competitive price and professional technical support.

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Several exclusive authorization letters on the table.
National exclusive agency

Distributor owns the exclusive agency of our DME brand hose connectors, JDE brand flexible hoses and DME&JDE OEM solutions.

Several pens, hats and notebooks with DME&JDE logos.
Material Support

We will provide free materials, including brochure, manual, advertising specialty and clothing, demonstrating enterprise value and expanding market easily.

A exhibition VI design of DME&JDE.
Unified VI Support

DME&JDE has a complete set of distributor advertisement, new product posters and other unified VI designs to let your publicity more professional.

A SROCK FLEX series hose poster.
Technical Support

DME&JDE will continuously develop new products according to your market demanding to help you catch your seize market opportunities and exploit potential market

Part of our social media of DME&JDE
Customer Support

DME&JDE adopts multiple promotion channel, including enterprise website promotion, Alibaba, Facebook, LinkedIn and Tik Tok, as well as exhibition.

All customer resources will be allocated to the distributors of the corresponding region, helping distributors to expand the source

The PTC exhibition hall of DME&JDE.
Exhibition Support

DME&JDE will attend professional exhibitions including international, regional exhibitions, distributors can stand for enterprise to chat with exhibition customers.

Several local exhibition, we can supply material supply for distributors.

The E-price sheet displayed on the computer.
Price & Payment Support

Distributor price helps distributors make more profits and owns absolute advantage at local market.

Part of our distributors displayed on the world map.
Other Support

Distributors information including location, E-mail and phones will be displayed on our enterprise website, brochures and exhibitions.

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