DME&JDE Hose Fittings – Reliable Connection for Fluid Transmission

Hose fitting is a connecting part that connects flexible hoses to equipment ports. It supplies reliable connection and sealing for fluid power transmission.

DME&JDE hose fittings are with different fitting sizes and configurations for your fluid transmission line. No matter what your application, what pressure and what types of hoses, we can satisfy your requirements and enhance equipment performance. You can get not only the satisfied fittings, but also technical know-how and widest support system.

Several different types of hose fitting ferrules of DME&JDE.
Several different types of insert hose fitting of DME&JDE.
Insert Hose Fittings
Several different types of interlock hose fitting of DME&JDE.
Several different types of push-on hose fitting of DME&JDE.
Several different types of reusable hose fitting of DME&JDE.
Several different types of suction tail of DME&JDE.
Suction Tail
Several different types of one-piece hose fitting of DME&JDE.
One Piece
Filters Adaptors

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