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DME&JDE innovation aims to supply full line of flexible hoses, connectors and hose assemblies to cover all fluid power applications. We are innovating and developing to supply more products fit for industrial trends and customers needs.

Seven different product series hydraulic hoses are shown.
The SHIELD-FLEX brand of DME&JDE rubber hoses.
Exceed International Standard

Full line of "SHIELD-FLEX" series products exceed standard in hydrostatic pressure, impulse life, ozone resistance and abrasion resistance.

The Most Economical Product Line

"SHIELD-FLEX" hydraulic hoses give you same and even better performance and spend you less costs.

BV Certificated

There's no reclaimed rubber and polluted material during SHIELD-FLEX hoses production and it has gained BV certification.

A piece of SHIELD-FLEX hoses with connectors.
The EXACT-FLEX brand of DME&JDE rubber hoses.
Super High Impulse

Improved inner rubber material make the impulse life can reach 1,000,000 cycles under 125 °C temperature.

Super High Pressure

4 and 6 layer of spiral wire reinforcement hoses can withstand up to 42 MPa hydrostatic pressure.

Super Custom

Super 4SP and Super 4SH products are specially designed for harsh conditions and extreme environments.

A piece of EXACT-FLEX hoses with connectors.
The DEFT-FLEX brand of DME&JDE rubber hoses.
More Lighter

Thinner reinforcement wires supplies lighter and tighter structure without comprising to pressure and impulse life.

More Soft

Smaller bend radius make the DEFT-FLEX series products more soft and popular for customers.

For Tight Space

Increased flexibility make products be used in tight space for extended life and efficient transfer.

A piece of DEFT-FLEX hoses with connectors.
The KONIG-FLEX brand of DME&JDE rubber hoses.
Ultra High Temp.

The safety working temperature of KONIG-FLEX series products can be up to 155 °C (intermittent 120°C)

Ultra Low Temp.

The safety working temperature of KONIG-FLEX series products can be low to -50 °C (intermittent -55 °C)

For Cleaning & Washing

This series of hoses can adapt to high temperature washing and low temperature cleaning works.

A piece of KONIG-FLEX hoses with connectors.
The Matrix-Flex brand of DME&JDE rubber hoses.
Fast Selection

Remove complex selection process, just select the maximum working pressure and hose size, you can get the needed flexible hoses.

Constent Working Pressure

Constent working pressure can improve safety, provide better performance and durability and increase design efficiency and reduce costs.

High-end host factory selection

Reliable and smart choice for high-end host factories to provide dependable performance and improve production efficiency under high pressure conditions.

A piece of MATRIX-FLEX hoses with connectors.
The EASY-FLEX brand of DME&JDE rubber hoses.
One-Piece Fitting

DME one-piece hose fittings execute high-end ISO 18752 host factory standards, exceed traditional SAE, BS EN, DIN and ISO standard.

No-Skiving Hoses

Easy-flex hoses adopts specially designed "Easy-Type" covering, making the hose assemblies free from skiving.

Special Crimping

Using Fast-crimping technology to eliminate complicated skiving process and directly crimping to increase 30% crimping efficiency.

A piece of EASY-FLEX hoses with connectors.