A piece of DME&JDE KONIG-FLEX series hoses.
  • +155 °C
  • -50 °C
  • For Washing
  • For Cleaning
+155 °C

The KOING-FLEX series hoses improved rubber material to guarantee the safety working temperature high up to 155 °C (intermittent 120°C), which can satisfy extremely high working conditions, such as industrial, construction machinery, compressor and coal mine high temperature hydraulic systems.

Several KONIG-FLEX series hoses can withstand 155 °C high temperature.
-50 °C

The KONIG-FLEX series hoses adopts improved rubber material, which guarantee the safety working temperature down to -50 °C (intermittent -55 °C). It is specially suitable for Russia, Ukraine and other Northern Europe area.

Several KONIG-FLEX series hoses can withstand -55 °C low temperature.
For Washing

The KONIG-FLEX series hoses can withstand extremely high temperature and has excellent ozone, aging and chemical resistance performance for hydraulic return system and high temperature washing equipment.

A washing machine is working and equipped with KONIG-FLEX hoses.
For Cleaning

The konig-flex hoses can perform well even under -50 °C working temperature and will not harden and crack. This guarantee cleaning equipment normal working under extremely cold temperature and areas.

A cleaning machine is working in snowfield.
Quality Accreditation
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Seven different product series hydraulic hoses are shown.