A piece of DME&JDE SHIELD-FLEX series hoses.
  • Constant Working Pressure
  • No Skiving
  • 5 times wear resistance performance
  • Ideal for High-End Host Factory
Constant Working Pressure

Constant working pressure is the big difference with traditional hoses, which brings following benefits:

  • Improved safety: Hydraulic hoses that are designed to withstand constant working pressure are less likely to fail or rupture during operation, which helps improve safety and reduce the risk of accidents.
  • Better performance and durability: Constant working pressure hoses are designed to handle the maximum pressure that the hydraulic system can generate, which helps maintain the hose’s strength, flexibility, and performance over time.
  • Simplified hose selection: Specifying a constant working pressure reduces the number of factors that must be considered when selecting hoses, which can simplify the selection process and reduce errors.
  • Increased design efficiency: Knowing the constant working pressure of a hydraulic hose can help designers and engineers optimize the design of hydraulic systems by allowing for more accurate and efficient component selection.
  • Reduced costs: By specifying hoses that meet the constant working pressure requirements of the system, users can avoid over-specifying or under-specifying hoses, which can help reduce costs associated with maintenance, repair, and replacement.
Two Matrix series hoses are tested working pressure and burst pressure.
No Skiving

The entire product line does not require skiving, thus speeding up the assembly of the hose assembly and eliminating the hose failures caused by too long or too short skiving hoses.

Additional, it enhances anti-tearing performance, improves reflexive performance and increases more than 15% bending radius.

The no-skiving matrix flex hydraulic hose.
5 times wear resistance performance

Compared to conventional rubber hoses, the matrix series of hydraulic hoses improve 5 times wear resistance performance, making the hoses longer service life and better working performance.

A test machine is testing the wear resistance performance of matrix flex hoses.
Ideal for High-End Host Factory

Reliable and smart choice for high-end host factories to provide dependable performance and improve production efficiency under high pressure conditions.

A elevator is working on the construction site.
Quality Accreditation
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DME&JDE innovation aims to supply full line of flexible hoses, connectors and hose assemblies to cover all fluid power applications. We are innovating and developing to supply more products fit for industrial trends and customers needs.

Seven different product series hydraulic hoses are shown.