PVC Twin Welding Hose – Special Formula Compounding with Special PVC Resin

PVC Twin Welding Hoses are specialized hoses designed for the safe and efficient transport of gases commonly used in welding applications, such as oxygen and acetylene. These hoses usually have a twin hose design, with one hose for each type of gas.

Blue and green PVC twin welding hose coils and PVC flexible hoses
  • Being widely used in welding machine, architecture, and lacquer factory.
  • Used for all kinds of metal-welding and cutting machines to transport oxygen and acetylene.
  • Special formula compounding with special PVC resin.
  • Good pressure resistance, color resistance, good abrasion resistant, and excellent resilience.
  • Different color hose for easy using.
  • Smooth surface, anti-UV, temperature resistance, and anti-chemical.
Table 1: Specification of PVC Twin Welding Hose
Inch Size Metric Size Length MAX.W.P MAX.B.P Weight
At 23 °C
inch I.D. mm O.D. mm m/roll Bar Bar g/m
1/4" 6.5 12.5 28 20 60 120
5/16" 8 14 28 20 60 140
3/8" 10 16 28 20 60 165
1/2" 13 20 28 20 60 230