PVC Suction Hose A-Type for Dust Collection, Vacuum Cleaner & Swimming Pool Cleaning

PVC Suction Hoses are versatile hoses typically used for a variety of suction and discharge applications. They are generally made from durable and flexible PVC material, which can resist a variety of chemicals and conditions.

A-Type is used for dust collection, vacuum cleaner & swimming pool cleaning

Blue PVC suction hose A-type and its connector details
  • Offer with plastic connectors, can be used directly.
  • The combining of connectors and hose to prevent leaking.
  • Flexible, soft, bend naturally.
  • Suitable for drainage water system in agriculture, construction, mining, and irrigation purposes.
  • Also used for dust collection, vacuum cleaner, swimming pool cleaning.
Table 1: Specification of PVC Suction Hose A-type
Inch Size Metric Size MAX.W.P MAX.B.P Weight
At 23 °C
inch I.D. mm O.D. mm Bar Bar g/m
2" 50.6±1 59±1.5 2.5 9 630
3" 76±1 88±1.5 2 8 1300
4" 102±1.5 117±2 1.5 6 2300
Hose length available in 3 meter (10 ft), 4.5 meter (15 ft), 6 meter (20 ft), 7.5 meter (25 ft) and 9 meter (30 ft).