DTJ01A Workbench for Assembling Products, Storing Testing Equipment & Small Items

DME&JDE DTJ01A workbench is a light duty workbench for assembling products, storing testing equipment and small processing equipment such as drills and grinders. It helps our workers to work smoothly and orderly and facilitates our production efficiency.

DME&JDE DTJ01A workbench
  • Table Top
    • Standard configuration, the total thickness of the table top is 50 mm.
    • The base material of the table top is high pressure forming fiberboard. The surface is high pressure attaching 2 mm thick polymer compound material. The surface is patterned, more wear-resisting. PVC long sealing strip around the edge.
  • Table Legs
    • The table legs are made of high quality cold-rolled steel 2.0 mm thick.
  • Pad Feet
    • All-metal pad feet, adjustable countertop balance, shockproof and moisture-proof.

High pressure forming fiberboard table top

High quality cold-rolled steel table legs

All-metal pad feet

DTJ01A Workbench
Model Width (W) Depth (D) Height (H)
DTJ01A 1500 750 800
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