DTA03C Workbench for Testing, Maintenance & Product Assembly Applications

DME&JDE DTA03C workbench is a light duty, detachable workbench widely used in testing, maintenance and product assembly applications. It can work with back panel, drawers and tool kits for assembling products, storing testing equipment and small processing equipment such as drills and grinders for efficient production.

DME&JDE DTA03C workbench
  • Table Top
    • Standard configuration, the total thickness of the table top is 30 mm.
    • Impact-resistant composite patterned table top is made of high-pressure formed fiberboard. High-pressure attached to the surface of 2 mm thick polymer composite. The surface is patterned, more wear-resistant. PVC long sealing strip around the edge.
  • Column
    • Desktop to ground height default 770 mm high, suitable for sitting operation. Another 850 mm and 900 mm height can be selected. Instructions for ordering.
  • Tool Kit
    • The table can be equipped with more than one tool kits. Tool kits can be installed on the left or right side of the table and can be stacked up and down or arranged in a line.
    • Tool kits can be purchased separately.

Impact-resistant composite patterned table top

Column suitable for sitting operation

Optional tool kit

DTJ01A Workbench
Model Width (W) Depth (D) Height (H)
DTA03C 1500 600 770
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