MZ Series Impulse Test Bench for High- & Low-Pressure Hydraulic Hose Testing

The MZ series hydraulic hose impulse test bench is a new generation of products with independent intellectual property rights developed by our company on the basis of similar foreign equipment. The main electrical components and hydraulic parts are all imported from world-class manufacturers such as Europe and the United States. The comprehensive performance of the products is much higher than that of similar domestic equipment, and has reached the international advanced level. The pressurizing mechanism of this series of products is all controlled by hydraulic power source, and its rising rate and waveform are all in line with the relevant provisions of the national standard GB/T5568-2013.

In addition, this series of products have complete safety functions. The equipment will automatically alarm and stop when the pulse test cycle ends or the hose ruptures and oil leaks. Each waveform is automatically detected, data is automatically recorded, and the equipment automatically stops when it reaches the set wrong number. The safety door lock device cannot be opened during the test.

DME&JDE MZ series hydraulic hose impulse test bench
  • Stable operation, low failure rate, long service life and low maintenance cost.
  • High reliability, the average number of fault-free pulses in the test process is more than 50 million times.
  • Low operating noise, sound insulation materials are installed inside the equipment frame, and the operating noise is lower than 65 decibels.
  • High precision and small error
  • Complete security functions, 24-hour unattended testing can be achieved

Internal structure

Control panel

Testing observation

Technical Parameters
MZ Series Hydraulic Hose Impulse Test Bench
Equipment model: MZ series Impulse frequency: 0–1.5 Hz
At the same time test the number of hose: six, Inner diameter 6.3–76 mm Total power: 25 KW
Test pressure: 0–70 MPa Power supply: Three-phase AC 380 V / 50 Hz
Pressure rise rate: 100–550 MPa/s External dimensions (L × W × H) mm: 3050 × 1860 × 2030
Scope of Application: This series of products can be used for impulse fatigue life test of various types of high- and low-pressure hoses, automobile air conditioner and radiator pipelines, brake hoses and pipeline connection accessories.