DTF701 Tool Cabinet for Storing Tools, Accessories & Various Items Needed

DME&JDE DTF701 tool cabinet is a light-duty tool cabinet and is suitable for storing tools, accessories and various items needed for production. In addition, it can be placed on CNC lathes, grinders, machining centers, and shop floors for smooth production.

DME&JDE DTF701 tool cabinet
  • Back Panel
    • Square hole back panel can be matched with all kinds of hooks, hang different kinds of tools and articles.
    • Accessories to be purchased separately.
  • Quarter Panel
    • The quarter panel with screws to secure the back panel.
  • Non-Slip Rubber Pad
    • The top three sides of the cabinet block design, to prevent items fall, standard with a piece of non-slip rubber pad, to prevent paint above the cabinet damaged.
  • Rod Lock Device
    • Unscrewed connecting rod lock device, once locked, all drawers are locked.
  • Aluminum Alloy Handle
    • Full-width aluminum alloy handle with label paper, easy to label the name of the articles.
  • Hidden Safety Lock System
    • Drawer aluminum alloy handle with special design of hidden safety lock system, without manual operation, drawer do not slide out fall, ensure the safety of use.
  • Drawer
    • The drawer is equipped with 2 separate bars and 6 movable slots. The slots can be adjusted with the slot bars.
    • Drawer slide rail with mechanical bearings, strong and durable.
    • Internal dimensions of drawers: Width 492 mm × depth 498 mm, average load per drawer 100 kg.
  • PU Wheel
    • Using 5" PU wheel, 2 directional wheels, 2 universal brake wheels, moving light and flexible, the average load of four wheels 500 kg.

Square hole back panel

Quarter panel with screws

Non-slip rubber pad

Unscrewed connecting rod lock device

Aluminum alloy handle with label paper

Hidden safety lock system

Drawer with slider rail

PU wheel

DTF701 Tool Cabinet
Model Width (W) Depth (D) Height (H)
DTF701 600 600 880 + 450
Drawer: 100 mm × 4, 200 mm × 1
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