Nov 17, 2022

Hydraulic Hose for Large Rotary Excavator Real Use Feedback

Hydraulic hoses installed on large rotary excavator

Main Products

With the continuous progress of hydraulic technology, hydraulic systems play an increasingly important role in the construction machinery system. The main products of DME&JDE Group are: high-quality and various kinds of hydraulic fittings, hydraulic adaptor, pipe fittings, all the series of standard hydraulic hoses, hydraulic hose assemblies, hydraulic fluid OEM solutions and crimping equipment. DME&JDE Group has a full range of products with excellent quality.

Our hydraulic hose main products

Customer Applications

Recently, we have received feedback on the use of hydraulic hoses in the hydraulic system of large rotary excavators. Rotary excavators are essential large machinery in various engineering construction sites. It can be seen from the applications that the hydraulic hose products of DME&JDE Group meet the standards and large construction machinery operation requirements, and can provide them with safer and more stable power delivery.

Large rotary excavator and hydraulic hose details Hydraulic hoses are connected to the machine. Hydraulic hoses are used to provide a more stable power delivery.

Shield Series EN856 4SH

The products involved in the above feedback are mainly EN856 4SH four-layer winding hoses, which belong to the SHIELD-FLEX series. The performance of this series of products beyond international standards. It has the advantages of better pressure resistance and more pulses. The four-layer and six-layer winding hoses can withstand the pressure of 42 MPa, and the pulse life can reach 700000 times, redefining the industry's new standards.

The detailed technical data of SHIELD-FLEX series hydraulic hose

High-End Customized Exact-Flex Series SUPER EN856 4SH

The other product is the EXACT-FLEX series, the ultra-high pulse high temperature resistant winding super EN856 4SH, the performance exceeds the European standard EN856 4SH and the German standard DIN20023 4SH. It is applicable to the international standard ISO3862 4SH/ISO18752 4DC. Its instantaneous temperature reaches 125 °C, the pulse life ≥ 1,000,000 times and has superior performance for large machinery to meet the needs of various working environments.

The detailed technical data of EXACT-FLEX series hydraulic hose


DME&JDE Group has a wide range of hydraulic hose products, each has its own advantages, and is applicable to a wide range of fields, including: engineer equipment, highway construction equipment, mining equipment, marine equipment, agricultural equipment, coal mine equipment, automation equipment, building equipment, port handling equipment, cleaning equipment, petroleum equipment, fuel gasoline diesel oil, etc.

Wide range of applications of hydraulic hoses