May 18, 2023

Detail Determines Quality – Powered by DME&JDE GROUP

KONIG-FLEX hoses are designed for high and low temperature extremes and special high temperature transport media.

Hydraulic hoses are susceptible to thermal expansion, softening, aging and other effects in hot weather. In order to ensure the normal work of the hydraulic system, reduce the safety risks, hydraulic hoses in the use of the process in addition to do a good job of regular inspection, found hose aging, wear, cracks and other timely replacement, but also to choose a safer product.

DME&JDE GROUP KONIG-FLEX hose is designed for high and low temperature extreme use environment, this series of products with high and low temperature resistance performance.High temperature resistant hose using EPDM rubber (EPDM) as raw materials to achieve high temperature resistant hose rubber tensile strength, higher heat deflection temperature point, oil resistance and good wear resistance requirements, low temperature resistant hose using special synthetic rubber raw materials to reduce the viscosity of the rubber molecules that rise from the temperature drop to improve the rubber cold resistance performance.And through the control of the production process, the use of advanced production equipment, strict quality control to produce safe and reliable products, so that users get the best use experience.

Raw Material Selection

KONIG-FLEX products are very strict in the selection of raw materials, specifically using LG raw materials imported from South Korea and EPDM , which has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation and high temperature resistance, as the main raw materials to ensure product quality and stability of performance.

Full-Automatic Airtight Refining Equipment Mixing Rubber

We always uphold the concept of using the most advanced technology to continuously improve the quality of our products. In order to ensure the quality of KONIG-FLEX products, we use fully automatic computer-controlled airtight mixing equipment to mix the rubber, the perfect proportion of ingredients, precise feeding technology also makes the products more stable and reduces the scrap rate in the production process.

Inner Tube Production

KONIG-FLEX adopts the whole continuous extrusion process, this process not only has no break point, but also can ensure the uniformity of hose thickness, thus making the hose more stable and reliable in the process of use.

Braid or Spiral

KONIG-FLEX braided hoses are produced by German automatic high speed braiding machine, using 3*3 square mouth instead of 2*2 square mouth, which makes the hoses softer and more compact. This allows the hose to withstand not only higher pressure, but also more pulses, thus improving its performance.

KONIG-FLEX winding hoses are produced by American process steel wire winding machine. In the winding process, we use two-way layers to ensure even tension of steel wire on each layer, no cross point and flat and tight arrangement to ensure the winding quality and improve the pressure-bearing capacity and pulse life of the hoses.

Covered Outer Rubber

The outer rubber of KONIG-FLEX hoses is made of synthetic rubber with excellent resistance to abrasion, oil and weather, and is evenly coated on the surface of KONIG-FLEX hoses through a high-quality production process, forming a strong and tight protective layer that can effectively resist mechanical wear and tear and other environmental factors to improve the service life and stability of the hoses.


Vulcanization process is an important and indispensable part of the production process of rubber products. In the production of KONIG-FLEX products, all rubber materials must undergo a strict vulcanization process to enhance the heat resistance, weather resistance, abrasion resistance and tensile strength of the hoses, thus making the products perform better and more outstanding.

Testing and Packaging

After the rubber material is vulcanized, we will go through strict quality tests to ensure the quality of KONIG-FLEX products. These include the adhesive properties of the film, the abrasion resistance of the outer rubber, the tracking test of the production process, the high and low temperature resistance, the pressure performance, the pulse performance and other test items. Only products that meet quality standards can be packaged and customized according to customer needs to ensure that product quality is not affected during transportation and storage.

For KONIG-FLEX products production process of strict quality control before, during and after, in order to ensure to provide customers with high-quality products with high qualification rate, and ultimately safe and efficient use in the harsh environment of a variety of supporting machinery and equipment.