June 10, 2022

First Choice for Large Construction Machinery : EXACT-FLEX–From DME&JDE Group

Exact-Flex series of products revealed:

Exact-Flex series hoses and its application in large construction machinery

Steel Wire

The specially made high-pressure steel wire, through tension test, suspension difference test, torsion test, raw material trace element analysis, etc., fully ensures that it will not rust for a long time, the tension is stable during winding, the winding gap is uniform, and the stress is uniform, so as to prevent uneven pressure and tube explosion.

EXACT-FLEX series winding hose SAE R15 42MPa special design of high strength steel wire, steel wire diameter optimization and MPa strength level improvement. In particular, 3/4" and 1" are 4-layer winding structures 1-1/4", 1-1/2" and 2" are 6-layer steel wire winding structures. Pulse performance increased by 50% (comparison of experimental test data). The wire spline above is suitable for winding machine according to machine configuration.

Steel wire maker:

Our major steel wire suppliers

Our Exact-Flex hose steel wire making machine

Rubber Sheet

Inner, middle and outer rubber, automatic mixing equipment, comprehensive upgrading, accurate feeding, perfect matching formula proportion, reduce the occurrence of defective products due to manual error to ensure the quality of the whole line source.

Several internal mixers are running to produce rubber sheet for Exact-Flex series hoses.

Extrude Inner Rubber

The inner rubber sheet is cut and placed in an extruder. The extruder melts the inner rubber sheet at high temperature and extrudes the inner rubber evenly wrapped on the steel mandrel that has passed the inspection. (Hard core steel core production, to the greatest extent to reduce the error range of hose diameter, and in the winding process, under high strength pressure, fully ensure the uniform inner rubber layer)

The machine is producing inner rubber for Exact-Flex series hoses.

Nitrogen Frozen

In the process of rubber hose production, liquid air fractionation method with compression of liquid nitrogen, liquid nitrogen temperature in -196 °C, used as a depth refrigerants, due to its chemical inertness, can directly contact with the inner layer rubber hose, cool quickly and do not damage the rubber activity So, the internal rubber layer extrusion, after liquid nitrogen refrigeration equipment cooling, into the winding process.

The machine is performing nitrogen frozen on inner rubber.

Winding Process

The whole process of quality monitoring, winding equipment molding, special rubber layer, enhance the fluidity of vulcanization process, perfect filling of the winding gap, rubber and steel wire perfect integration, joint resistance to high pressure and high temperature attack.

The machine is performing the winding process.

Never Miss Any Detail When Making Products

Automatic pressure control system for equipment experiment.After finished product, make sure that each hose is pressure tested, the test pressure is not less than 2 times of the working pressure, and the duration is not less than 3 minutes.Under this condition, the equipment will automatically relieve pressure, completely higher than the pressure test test standard, fully ensure product quality.

Product Series Display (True Picture)

Exact-Flex series hose details display.

Product Video Display