Jul 29, 2022

EXACT-FLEX Series Hydraulic Hoses – Super Custom, Higher than Standard

A worker is showing the EXACT-FlEX hydraulic hose.

Spiral wire reinforcement hydraulic hoses are manufactured like a lathe work. As the central shaft pulls the inner core of the hose through the machine, a fixed number of spools rotate around it. The spiral winding must be tight to prevent tension gaps. And all hoses use the two layer or in equal multiples reinforcement. The single layer reinforcement hydraulic hoses has less torsional strength, but two layers stacked in opposite directions at the top of the tube ensure that the force exerted on the wire is evenly distributed. This is why spiral wire hydraulic hoses are generally with four and six layers reinforcement layer.

Because the spiral wire in the hose clearance is small, So the end product is very tough. The spiral wire reinforcement structure is combined with high tensile strength, providing excellent resistance to pressure and Greatly improving the ability to maintain extreme pressure.

  1. Impulse Test

    The Exact-Flex series of hose produced by JDE adopts specially designed inner and medium rubber materials, combined with steel wire of international first-line brands. The hose can withstand higher strength, which impulse times are far beyond the international standard up to 1,000,000 times and working temperature is up to 125 °C.

    A impulse times experimental test data comparison between EXACT-Flex and international standard

    (The results are impulse times experimental test data comparison between EXACT-Flex and international standard. and the temperature is lower than 125 °C)

  2. Burst Pressure Test

    Through testing, the bursting pressure of the Exact Flex hydraulic hose can reach 4 times of the working pressure, which is 10% – 30% higher than the standard requirement, ensuring safe operation and providing a safe hydraulic fluid environment.

    The bursting test comparison between EXACT-FLEX hydraulic hoses and international standard.

  3. Working Temperature Test

    The Exact-Flex hose can work at -40 °C to +120 °C, and the intermittent instant temperature can reach +125 °C.

    The temperature test shows the working temperature of EXACT-FLEX hydraulic hoses.

  4. Ozone Resistance Test

    Exact-Flex hose is not easy to crack and oxidize in ozone environment.Working time in ozone environment can reach 2500 hours, far more than ISO7326 standard 72 hours, greatly improving the working life.

    A test equipment of hydraulic hoses ozone resistance performance.

    The Ozone resistant test result of EXACT-FLEX series hydraulic hoses.

  5. Wear-Resistant Test

    The outer layer is made of wear-resistant synthetic rubber, which greatly reduces the risk of hose damage due to wear and prolongs the working life.

    The wear resistant test result of EXACT-FLEX series hydraulic hoses.

  6. ISO9001 Standard Compliance

    The JDE of the joint DME & JDE group is ISO 9001 certified and are produced in full compliance with the requirements of the quality management system.

    ISO 9001 refers to all international standards designated by TC176 (Technical Committee on Quality Management Systems), which is a summary of the development of management theory and management practice in many countries, especially in developed countries for many years, and reflects a management philosophy and quality management methods and models that have been adopted by more than 100 countries and regions in the world. It is by far the most mature set of management systems and standards in the world, and is fundamental to the development and growth of enterprises.

    Besides, the certification of EXACT-FLEX series hydraulic hoses has these certificates: US MSHA certification, French BV certification, Russian GOST certification, Chinese MA certification.

    The ISO certificate.

  7. Matched With DME interlock fittings, more secure

    With DME internal locking connector, the EXACT-FLEX series hoses are assured of a safe production and a longer and safer service life for your business.

    More fittings options:

    Several interlocking fittings models.

    The EXACT-FLEX hose of DME&JDE GROUP has the outstanding advantage of ultra high impulse and high pressure. The product quality has been tested by professional personnel and equipment. The process is rigorous and the quality is guaranteed.