July 07, 2021

Easy-Flex Type Series Hoses Let People Use The Real American Standard Products Without Skiving

In all hose connections, the part of the hose and connector clamping is the most critical place to ensure that the hose assembly does not leak. After our no-skive hose and connector are correctly connected, the sleeve and hose are tightly interlocked, which can ensure that the hose works normally without leakage and glue pile for a long time.

DME&JDE Easy-Flex no-skive type series hoses and hose assembly

Traditional Skive Crimping VS Easy-Flex No-Skive Crimping

The traditional stripping hose assembly needs to measure the withholding size before connecting the connector and the hose end, use the stripping equipment to remove the outer adhesive layer of the hose end, and then the withholding, again measure cleaning and other tedious processes, the withholding efficiency is low.

The Easy-Flex type series hoses assemblies are a perfect combination of the JDE non-stripping hose (@Easy-Flex) and the DME one-in-one be connector (@Easy-Fit). No matter the braided hose or the coiled hose, the hose assemblies are free from stripping and are pressed directly on the outer rubber layer of the smooth tube. The working procedure is simple and the crimping efficiency is greatly improved.

Internal Structure Of Clamping Connector

Below to give you a more intuitive display the withholding internal structure of stripping hose and non-stripping hose.

Skive and no-skive hydraulic hose internal structure comparison and description

What Makes Easy-Flex Type Series Hoses Free From Skive Crimping?

  • DME One-Piece Crimping Hose Connector @Easy-Fit

    Easy Flex no-skive type series hoses connector adopts DME integral clamping connector, precise size, not easy to corrosion when clamping hose without stripping, and strong versatility, convenient clamping, but also has good sealing performance, prevent oil leakage.

    Various kinds of DME integrated connectors are displayed.

    The following is the DME hydraulic connector production base, advanced German art production machinery equipment to ensure that each connector "High", "Fine", "Accurate" production, so as to achieve a perfect fit with the JDE hose, provides stable liquid transportation power for the host equipment.

    ME hydraulic connector production base

  • JDE Specially Developed Cover for Easy-Flex@Easy-Type

    The cover formula was upgraded and restructured. The measured data under laboratory conditions: the glue content of the woven hose was 40%-45%, and the glue content of the winding hose was 45%-47;excellent tear resistance, good resilience;the outer glue layer thickness is thinner than other brands, the rebound and filling performance is perfect, the crimping is accurate, the connector is not easy to slip off;the rubber has excellent wear performance, the surface of the hose is smooth and the friction force is small, which can reduce the failure caused by the friction between the hoses.

    JDE specially developed cover for Easy-Flex series hoses

Advantages Of No-Skive Crimping Technology

The technology of no-skive crimping has incomparable advantages over the traditional skive crimping technology.

  • The clamping process is simple and the clamping efficiency is increased by 30 %
  • Avoid premature hose failure caused by insufficient or excessive stripping
  • Avoid peeling process, protect reinforced steel wire from damage
  • Hose connector sleeve teeth and outer adhesive layer firmly occluded, good sealing, no leakage

Fast and good is what we want. Our non-stripping hose connection technology brings great convenience to customers and also avoids leakage failures due to inadequate or excessive clamping. It is the preferred choice for all hydraulic equipment applications.

An excavator is excavating earth.

Provided by DME & JDE Group, EASY-FLEX hoses all adopt integrated non-stripping technology, weather-resistant for more than 5 years, quality assurance for 2 years, greatly enhance the hose service cycle, for users cost-saving efficiency.