Sep 17, 2021

Bright Moon, Can Be Picked at This Time! Grateful To Have You All the Way!

Deep feeling full Mid-Autumn Festival

Impressive years,forge ahead.For 12 years, we have stood together through storms and hardships. Grateful to have you along the way.

Past planning

Looking back, after 12 years of vicissitudes, DME&JDE (DME industries Co.,LTD & Hengshui jidier special hoses Co.,LTD) has developed rapidly. With the year-on-year growth of 23.6% in 2018; The year-on-year growth in 2019 was 28.6%. In the past two years of the epidemic,DME industries Co.,LTD & Hengshui jidier special hoses Co.,LTD still did not slow down the pace of progress, and insisted on building an extraordinary enterprise with the spirit of artisans. We are down-to-earth and pioneering. The plan made in 2019 is as follows (This picture is a screenshot of the official account of the 2019 Mid-Autumn Festival).

The future development plan of JDE:

  • Complete the fully enclosed rubber mixing production line and reach the national environmental protection Grade A;

  • Complete the new project of three-dimensional spiraling workshop and realize the structural configuration of basic industry 4.0;

    Complete the project cooperation with Dalian DME industries Co.,LTD, and build one-stop procurement and full coverage of technical guidance for hoses and fittings, so as to reduce logistics costs, reduce hidden dangers of crimping and deeply serve customers and the market;

    Gradually improve other transformations and upgrades on the enterprise site, and pass the third-party factory inspection;

    Other information will be updated in time through the company's WeChat official account and website, welcome your attention.

Achievement exhibition

Today, we are happy to share that the 2019 plan has been fully realized.

  • The fully automatic closed internal mixing center was completed at the end of August 2021 and officially put into use. It can fully control the key points in the production process of hydraulic hose compound, reduce and reduce the defects in the production process.

  • The new project of spiraling workshop has been completed and officially put into use. Product quality and production efficiency have been greatly improved, to meet customer needs to the greatest extent.

  • Established DME&JDE with Dalian DME to provide customers with "one-stop" hydraulic fluid solutions.

Be grateful

Grateful to have you traveling all the way.

GThe development of DME&JDE is inseparable from the efforts of employees and the support of partners. Thank you for working with DME&JDE all the way.

Lean thinking, the road to swan.

In the future development, DME&JDE will continue to improve the quality of customer service, deepen the partnership, and strive to achieve a win-win situation. All DME&JDE people should use new ideas to serve our new and old customers and create a better future for DME&JDE.

The bright moon is in the sky, and the moon is flowing.

On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, DME&JDE would like to extend the most sincere blessing and greetings to you. Wishing you and your family a reunion,all the best, peace and prosperity!

At the Mid-Autumn festival, DME&JDE would like to recommend to you "Super Shield" series hose developed and manufactured by our company. Its high impulse resistance, abrasion resistance, atmosphere resistance and other performances far exceed SAE J517,EN853/EN856 industry standard, which is worthy of the super series. Here are some product videos For more product information, please visit our official website: (Global Service). (domestic service).

Or call the national free service hotline: 400-0321-777.

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