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We aim to supply flexible hoses, fluid connectors and solutions to guarantee all fluid transmission smoothly and reduce downtime.
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During fluid transmission industries, you may have lots of problems to solve and want to find a convenient way for efficient working. DME&JDE aims to supply the full line of flexible hoses, fluid connectors and hose assemblies for one-stop purchase. Moreover, we aim to tackling challenges during fluid transmission and supply total solution to make all media can transfer smoothly at any harsh environments.

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  • 1 Supply Chain System
  • 2 Adaptive Products Line
  • 3 Manufacture Foundation
  • 4 Main Business
  • 1,000,000 Hoses Monthly Output
  • 60,000,000 Fulid Connector Stocks
Are You Still Using Skiving Hoses?

DME&JDE continuously innovates our technology and products to meet customers' needs. Facing the problems of skiving rubber hoses, we innovated the "EASY-FIT EASY-FLEX" series products to solve this problem.

  • One-piece "EASY-FIT" hose fittings
  • Improved reinforcement
  • Specially designed "Easy-Type" covering
  • Wrapped & smooth cover hoses.
  • Super custom hoses
A crimping machine is crimping a no-skiving hoses.
DME&JDE Solutions
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Downtime and inefficiency can cost millions of dollars for projects. DME&JDE aims to tackling challenges and solve all media, condition and other blocks during fluid transfer system to decrease downtime, increase efficiency, extend service life and enhance safety.

  • A coal mine drilling machine is working underground with DME&JDE hydraulic hoses.
  • A excavator is working with DME&JDE hydraulic hoses.
  • Several port machinery are working with DME&JDE hydraulic hoses at the port.
  • An agriculture machinery is working at the field with DME&JDE hydraulic hoses.
  • A drilling machine is working with DME&JDE hydraulic hoses.
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